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a gun on a pharmacist and demanded the pain reliever oxycontin. sunday a sim dressed man robbed a -- a sim alarm dressed man robbed a cvs in cupertino and demanded cash. >>> 5:36, dry now is that going to last? >> probably not. [ unintelligible ] >>> good morning here's a look at live doppler, fairly dry for most of us, sprinkles north bay, more organized wet weather over the coast headed your way by 7:00. as far as temperatures, mostly cloudy, keeping us in the low to mid 50s, except los gatos at 49. here's another way we could tell that is moist and mild air mass this morning, temperatures warmer than they were yesterday morning from six degrees in san francisco redwood city, mountain view, los gatos, antioch, 13 napa, 11 in santa clara we were tphreufrting with 30s in the north bay we were flirting with 30s in the north bay yesterday. more organized wet weather will develop in the north bay noon the rest of us could have sprinkles, organized weather will be up there. rain will start moving south, cover all of our neighborhoods during the evening. we'll top out around 60 today
. and also a local church group robbed and penny >> welcome back, everybody. it's a:13. scotland yard now on the case of the nurse who committed suicide after being duped by australian djs who were pretending to be the queen of england. nurse inadvertently gave out information about indicate middleton's condition. >> she was at the center of a white hot media glare and one day after she checked out, tragedy. >> it is with deep sadness, i can confirm the tragic death of a member of our nursing staff. >> it was the nurse who answered the phone on tuesday when two australian djs impersonating the queen asked to speak with indicate middleton. >> could i please speak with indicate, my grand daughter? >> he put them straight through to the private nurse who divulged details about her medical condition. it became a global punchline. >> an australian radio station managed to trick the hospital. >> the whole world laughing at the nurses. even prince charles making light of the information. >> the djs boasting of their prank. >> we were expecting to be hung up on and we isn't didn't even know what
. >>> marin county search underway for bank rob got a lot of cash twin cities police department released two photos, this shows a man dressed in black, robbing chase branch on sir francis drake boulevard in greenbrae yesterday 5:30 p.m.. employees say the robber placed a small bag on the counter handed the teller a note demanded money. >>> 5:37. new this morning, berkeley high school teacher scheduled to be arraigned next week for lsd possession and drunk driving after a traffic stop in san rafael. the marin ij reports the san rafael police stopped 51-year-old douglas haste for allegedly running a red light he just left a restaurant and showed signs of intoxication. when he was booked in jail police say he was carrying liquid breath mint that tested positive for lsd. he was hired in august to -- >>> starting today, bart increasing patrols and offering safety escorts at some stations to keep riders safe. bart is adding more trolls teaming up with oakland police to provide escorts at west oakland station volunteers will be at that station from 4 to 8 p.m. to escort passengers parked within thr
:00 last night at international boulevard and clinton square. the gunman robbed four customers and an employee of cash, cell phones and jewelry. they took an undisclosed amount of cash from the register. no one was injured. >>> church leaders and community members came together yesterday trying to spread a powerful message. organizers of the rally say they are tired of senseless violence everywhere. they are calling for a not ban on assault weapons and high capacity clips and are demanding the city of oakland make public safety a priority. >>> next month officials in marin will open up five locations to buy back guns and ultraviolent video games, using almost $15,000 in donations collected so far. the donations include $10,000 from the marin community foundation. according to our media partner, the marin independent journal. some $5,000 in donations come from private donors. the gun buy-back program has the added twist of buying back added violent video games. it was first proposed by the marin district attorney after the connecticut school shooting tragedy. >>> the family of a
today. >>> san leandro police searching for a man suspected of robbing a downtown batch. officers with weapons drawn, swarmed the area on east 14th street yesterday afternoon. police say a man walked into a us bank branchb/÷ and passed a note to the teller demanding cash. officers thought the man was still inside the bank, he was not. investigators have not released a detailed description yet. >>> "time" magazine just revealed its 2012 person of the year, that is president barack obama. mr. obama will receive the honor in 2008 or he received it then, when he was president-elect. >>> temperatures in the low 20s in some places. >> temperatures of the year not the year but mike these are -- [ inaudible ] >> san francisco forest hill area the coldest area in san francisco, 36° now. sunnyvale, saratoga, palo alto, los gatos, campbell, san ramon valley, north bay valleys all at 32° or cooler now. frost advisory panning out for the east bay valleys, shoreline and santa clara valley. a lot of mid to upper 20s in the north bay now. freeze warning panning out, temperatures stay in this
are warning shoppers to be careful after a woman was robbed in the parking lot of the sun valley mall near macy's 7:30 last night the>)/ n came at her from behind, pressed what she thinks was a gun against the back of her head and demanded money she didn't have cash the robber did get her credit card and driver's license. >>> hours go back to court today in the fight of over a dispensaries. harborside health centers landlords are asking the government to madñ the club stop selling pot. [ unintelligible ] harborside officials say they are in full compliance with state and local regulations. oakland stands to lose millions in taxes if harborside were ed to close. >>> one by one, -- each with fresh heartbreak the white house moves forward to prevent more tragedies like what happened at sandy hook. mar7pw greenblatt is live in connecticut. >> reporter:iziúk good morning. we are expecting more funeral processions to roll through town. that as the president is endorsing sweeping new gun restrictions. ♪ ♪ ♪ amazing grace ♪ >> reporter: tears flowed freely neighboring communities came t
>>> that is "america's money." i'm rob nelson. >>> y;&a< are looking atel x live doppler hd active forecast this morning heavy rain now in the north bay jut the tip ofiu3÷ when it comes to these storms. speaking of ice snow coming as well miked a forecast!'+d coming up in a second. >>> the warriors are proving they0v<÷t are successful off the court as welli:ó'3 as on. headx 30rv.hç for the+4tÑ san franciscoxy.ztuw firefighters annuali toy drive yesterday. this is a massive effort with more than 200,000 toys gathered for 40,000 childrenbój need. terrific cause. >> this is what it is all about. it is about impacting lives and making a difference. i'm absolutely honored and humbled to be part of this process to give theseney -- i give thesepzq firefighters a lot of credid- >> 100 200 toys will be delivered today alone we are thankful people are coming out to help this is the time of the year when we need all the help we can get.3?k ÷ >> the warriorsí? ÷lf?w are back home tonight against thex+mÑy1má-;ln bobcats. >jhfd you saw mark pier 39 weather for that was okay. let's find out
lift letter cost her nearly $4,000. and was she robbed? this couple on the money talk guest post it before the work man. wrong! they lost $800,000. and screams. fox admitted the error and offered them another shot. >> season one of abc's who wants to be a millionaire. this guy guessed wrong what is the second biggest lake. and they sid he guessed wrong. turned out he was right. he came back for a do-over and went home with 125 grand. game show guests are very, very rare. after the scandals of the 1950s when shows lake 21 were fixed to keep contestants in the mix. congress made it illegal to rip a game show. and the pronunciation police just concerned. >> well, it was easy to do because you kind of did it in the vern abc news letter and left off the g in seven swans a swimin. abc news, los angeles. >> coming up next a east bay business answers the call about holiday sweet tunes. a made in america treats that's filling cookie jars all over the field. here's a live look from our east bay cam. rain, breezy conditions and low 50s. lisa argen will have your forecast in a few minutes. >
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8